Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good intentions

If you were to rummage through the bin of books on the shelf above my beloved, lumpy red chair, you'd find three photo albums. They are the only photo albums I own. They are ten years old.

In the last decade, every picture I've taken has been digital, and despite my good intentions to print all 6,517 of them and put them into albums, I haven't. And despite my good intentions to at least organize all 6,517 of them into digital albums, I haven't. There are professional organizers to do that kind of thing for you, and I have good intentions of hiring one of them one of these days.

In the meantime, it has occurred to me that it's never before occurred to me to create an album for the photos I get from friends via text. These photos easily get lost in the helter skelter of texting life, never to be seen again. But it shouldn't be this way, folks, because these pictures are pixels in the digital mural of our lives, and nobody wants a mural with missing pixels I tell you. Nobody.

Which is why I am taking time, for the first time in ten years, to make a digital photo album. It is entitled "Photos friends have texted me." I have good intentions of coming up with a more creative title later.

Photo #1: 

When I was a sophomore in high school I got a Saturday school. I didn't have to go, however, because the administrator who gave me Saturday school was a substitute with ulterior motives, and my parents reckoned my behavior didn't warrant his punishment. And it didn't. That was the closest I've ever gotten to delinquency, though.

What did I do to become a purported miscreant? A friend and I licked the centers out of a pack of Oreos, and then put them back on the snack plate for our unsuspecting fellow student government classmates to enjoy during free time. Then we sat there and watched while they "enjoyed" them.

It is one of the highlights of my high school career. I am still laughing.

My friend and fellow Oreo-licker, G, texted me this picture recently:

It turns out "we've changed the rules for every school in the nation."

What a legacy.

Photo #2:

My little brother sent me this oldie but goodie:

"Who would have thought you'd be so excited about the Eiffel Tower?!"

I think I was daydreaming in this picture, apparently about participating in an epic boxing match. Or fighting Samurai with my nunchucks. Or conspiring to take down an evil dictator. Don't mess with me when I'm daydreaming, bro...

Photo #3: 

This photo didn't come with a caption, but I think it was taken by the sender. Which is very cool.

Photo #4:

My girlfriend sent this picture with the caption, "your kind of shoes. :)"

It made me smile because it's nice to know when friends are thinking of you and associate really cute shoes with you. You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes with which their friends associate them. That's an empirically verified fact. Science always was my strong suit.

Photo #5: 

One of my friends got a cold, so she decided to take some ginger as per someone's recommendation. Unfortunately, they forgot to mention that she didn't need to buy the store's entire supply of ginger.

Needless to say, she no longer has a cold.

Photo #6:

There is a pair of sisters who are like sisters to me and my sister. Say that five times fast. We're so close because we grew up living in the same cul-de-sac, attending the same church, and homeschooling together. Now that we're grown, neither of our families still lives in our beloved cul-de-sac, for which we are all a little bit sad. Which is why this picture and the corresponding text were so lovely to receive:

"Sometimes I miss the little haven of our childhood so I look it up on google earth."

Photo #7:

A friend wanted me to know about this, and I want you to know about it, too!

There are more pictures in this phone of mine. Lots, lots more. But now I'm tired of album-izing them. Don't worry, though; I have good intentions of finishing this later.


Also, I cannot figure out how to delete the "t" on the above line — it's permanently stuck there somehow. Which is just proof that compiling a really excellent electronic photo album requires more than good intentions.



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