Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sister's visit, day 3: my cunning plan

Somehow, I never got around to posting the pictures from day #3 of my sister's visit last month. They're definitely worth posting, since I devised a cunning plan to use our last day together to show my sister all she has to gain by moving down here.

Paradise is just down the freeway, see.

So, in hopes of awakening my sister's Pacific Northwest-accustomed heart to the glories of southern California paradise, we hopped in the car after church and headed to the most magnificent beach in Orange County, stopping along the way at Trader Joe's for picnic supplies.

There's nothing quite like picnicking atop the bluffs in paradise.

My dear friend, T, joined us

Do you think my ploy worked? Should I expect Sister to soon announce she'll be moving south where the sun shines steady, the waves churn turquoise, the breeze blows divine, and Sarah lives close?! Boy, that would be grand.

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