Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Things: Gloating and Guacamole

I'm reinstating Thursday Things, because I still think compiling a list of the week's random stuff is one of the most fun ways to celebrate the fast-approaching weekend:

1. Since I moved down here nine years ago, I have routinely gotten two songs stuck in my head: "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Feliz Navidad." As I am prone to roam the house bellowing whatever song is stuck in my head at the moment, you can imagine I make a truly delightful roommate.

2. When I was in first grade I sometimes played at a friend's house whose family lived in hills overlooking the Columbia river. One sunny afternoon, my friend and I sat on her deck and watched the sailboats glide by while we ate a lunch of blueberries and noodles with butter. It was one of the most glorious afternoons of my 7-year old life. I cannot help but fondly remember it when I eat noodles with butter for dinner, as I did last night.

3. If Harry Potter is not one of your good friends, then your life has the potential to be 37% happier. Just sayin'.

4. Rexie, so dubbed by my girlfriends and me at my toast to God's goodness, is as youthful as he was when he was gifted to me four weeks ago. This has got to be a record for a helium balloon. I think he likes hangin' wit me.

5. I love that I overhear students saying things like, "We have got to develop a robust theology of angels, regardless of what society says about them" in the halls of the university where I teach.

6. There is an avocado tree on our property that likes to tantalize me with its avocados hanging far, far above my head. Homegrown avocados are of course much cheaper than store-bought avocados, and they are one of the tastiest things on God's earth. So I often try to outsmart our avocado temptress with step stools, rakes, brooms, and nets. The neighbors have been known to laugh at me so loudly I can hear them from their living room.

Despite my best efforts at procuring the green fruit, I am rarely successful. Which is why I was delighted today to find that the three avocados I've been trying to reach for weeks fell to the ground within hours of each other. If you need me this weekend, you can find me sitting under the avocado tree eating homemade guacamole, and gloating.

7. Two days ago my microwave started sounding like a banshee. Now you know.

8. Apparently yesterday was national siblings day. Thank goodness for Facebook, or I would have never known about this splendid holiday. In honor of my four hilarious, thoughtful, talented, intelligent, one-of-a-kind siblings, I'm posting a family picture. Better late than never:

Happy weekend, everyone!


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