Sunday, October 26, 2014


It looks like I'll have to come up with a Halloween costume after all this year. My mummy plans fell through. And hey, I am not complaining.

I had a minor operation on my head last week and was told by the nurses that I'd have a bandage covering so much of my face that I wouldn't be able to see and would need a chauffeur for awhile. But in a happy turn of events, they were unable to configure a bandage that wouldn't fall off my head, so I am bandage-less and can drive myself to and fro.

What the nurses were able to do, however, was slick my hair down with enough grease to accommodate a sumo wrestler. The doctor needed to be sure there were no loose hairs interfering with his work, so the nurse poured axle grease on my head. Naturally. At least I think it was the medical equivalent of axle grease. Because 12 hair washes later and it is still.there. I do not exaggerate.

Help! What's a girl to do? I've tried normal shampoo, clarifying shampoo, baking soda, and laundry detergent. My next attempt is dish soap. But I'm open to anything at this point. Anything. 

In other news, I still love where I live.

The views, people; the views.

In other, other news, my friend really likes celery:

And in other, otherest of news, Robert Carter photo bombed me again. And he photo bombed me good. Which means: public photo bomb exposure:

I hope you have a jolly laugh today, my friends. It's a surefire way to create sunshine.



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  1. I wonder if apple cider vinegar would work? If all else fails, Dawn dish soap would probably do the trick. Good Luck! ~Sharon

    1. Great idea, Sharon! I had someone else recommend apple cider vinegar. I'm a huge fan of the stuff and have plenty on hand. For now, dish soap seems to be gradually getting it out. Maybe a couple more washings will do the trick. Or, maybe I'll just jump straight to the vinegar!