Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Last year I was Mary Poppins for Halloween. It was far and away the best Halloween costume I've had as an adult for four reasons:

1. I got to speak with a British accent all night.

2. I put the costume together for less than $5. I love the challenge of putting together a costume that is both time and cost efficient.

3. It catered to my introverted tendencies (ha!):

4. I was Mary Poppins.

This year, due to a very busy schedule, I threw together a very haphazard lumberjack (or Jill, I suppose!) costume a few hours before our annual Halloween party.

It certainly didn't win any awards, but it was a cozy and cost-efficient costume! One out of four on my favorite-costume-ever list ain't bad. My favorite part of the costume was the ax I made with cardboard and tinfoil.

When my siblings and I were kids, my mom encouraged us to be creative and innovative with our Halloween costumes. We used egg cartons, cotton balls and paper bags to create all sorts of fantastic costumes. Slinging that cardboard ax over my shoulder made me feel like 8-year old Sarah all over again. I like feeling like 8-year old Sarah.

Every year my friends have a big ol' Halloween bash. This year, before the party, a number of my friends helped out with a church Carnival. I stopped by to cheer on their efforts since I was unable to help.

A number of my friends manned the cake walk in the gym. I arrived just in time to watch dozens of thrilled children file out of the gym clinging to miniature cakes. And then, when they'd all cleared out, my friends and I turned up the music, and we danced like it was 2003.

The gym was deserted except for a few stragglers who watched us dance.

But watching dancing is never enough.

You just gotta get off the bleachers and start groovin'.

After our impromptu dance party, we headed down the street to the Halloween party. I think you would have loved it.

The ambience was cozy and festive:

And the costumes. They were amazing. They deserved two thumbs up, three blue ribbons, four plastic trophies, and five gold stars. The party got so big that I wasn't able to capture all the costumes on camera, but I managed to snap a few shots of some of the most prize-worthy costumes.

All you emoji users will love this costume:

Look familiar?

And this:

My friend C (pictured above) is a makeup artist. She's got mad skills, as you can see.

I didn't manage to get a photo of her individually, but get a load of that princess teenage mutant ninja turtle below:

 If I ever need to compile an A-team, I want her on it.

I love the colors in this photo, and I love the photobomb in the right corner even more.

We can do it, yes we can!

Aren't my friends fun dresser up-ers? They love to dress up. They love to dance, too. You can always count on a lot of dancing at our parties.

Toward the end of the evening a few of us decided to put my ax to work, just to see what sort of chopping capacities it had.

The results weren't very promising, so we went inside and I found a mustache to compliment my costume.

There are few cardboard ax-related problems in the world that a mustache can't make better.

With all the dancing, wood chopping, and mustache donning, the middle of the night came very quickly, and I had to break away from the festivities to hit the hay. But rain was on the forecast and my windshield wipers were shot, so before I left I had a friend put new wipers on my car for me.

I cannot explain how delightful it is to have a pirate replace your windshield wipers. You'll just have to try it sometime. Be prepared, though: you'll never want to have a normal human being do any car work for you ever again.

Happy almost-Monday, friends! I hope you had a festive fall weekend!


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