Saturday, November 8, 2014

A grand surprise

Yesterday started with a dazzling, wingdinger of a show.

When I crawled out of bed at 5:45, I looked out my back door and saw a full-bellied moon hanging over Tinseltown. Delighted, I threw on a sweater and some slippers and ran outside to capture some photos. As I snapped, the sun rose behind me, casting honeyed rays across the hills:

And glory of glories, the skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles caught the morning light and lit up like a jack o-lantern:

After a few seconds the city's jack o-lantern light extinguished and the sun began to rise high in the sky. It was my cue to run back inside and finish packing my suitcase, which is approximately the size of a pregnant seal.

I haven't yet mastered the art of packing light for a weekend trip.

My sister and brother's birthday was yesterday, so I decided to take a quick, surprise trip to Portland so I could join in the birthday festivities. My little brother was the only one who knew I was coming, and he made sure we pulled off the surprise without hiccups.

En route from the Portland airport yesterday

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

I wish I had pictures of my family's faces when I walked into the house yesterday. They were gaping and disoriented and priceless. I tried to make a video, but it turns out video-taping while trying to pull of a big ol' surprise is not one of my special gifts. 

I'm having a grand old time documenting the festivities though, so I'll be sure to post more photos later. Stay tuned for glimpses of a real, live AUTUMN! Oh Pacific Northwest, I sure do love you.

I hope your weekend has been a full-bellied moon kind of weekend, too, my friends!

Talk to ya later,


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