Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Things: Generosity

Today is a short, fat list kind of day:

1. I recently got a package in the mail with a handwritten postmark bearing my name. There was no return address so I quickly opened it, curious to discover the sender. Inside, I found this cross-stitch:

This work is exquisite

This phrase, from C.S. Lewis' Voyage of the Dawn Treader is special to me. So special, I had it engraved on a bracelet a friend made for me based on a design I sketched after re-reading the book last year. I wear the bracelet daily and call it my jewelry tattoo.

There was no signed note accompanying this gift, so I don't know who sent it. Here's what I do know: this is the loveliest, most encouraging and timely gift. I've just returned to my bungalow after a long stint at my aunt and uncle's, and I've hung this cross stitch where I can see it every morning upon climbing out of bed. To whomever made and sent this: thank you. I love it.

2. I went to the neighbors to borrow a rake and came back with this basket of homegrown California sunshine.

Generous neighbors are delightful, aren't they? They make me want to be a generous neighbor.

3. My old car has finally pooped out so I've gotten a new car. I've been too unwell to even think about selling my old car but have felt a growing burden to sell it as both my cars are currently insured and insurance is expensive, baby.

An elder at my church recently sent an email to the church men's group asking if anyone could sell the car for me, and a Biola student offered to prep and sell the car on my behalf. I talked to him for the first time via phone this week as we made a game plan. When we had a plan in place, I thanked him. "J," I said, "this is a tremendous gift; thank you for your help."

"That's what family does," he responded simply.

I love being part of God's family.

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Shoot me a note to tell me how I can pray for you, if you think of it. I love praying for you.

Cheering for you, Skillets,


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