Friday, April 24, 2015

Wedding Season: Bridesmaid Dress Tip
It's wedding season, and engagement season, and go-to-JCrew-to-get-a-bridesmaid-dress season, which means for some of you, it's a stressful season. But I've just learned a helpful little tip that'll make procuring your JCrew bridesmaid dress relatively stress-free.

Just call this number: 1- 800 - 261 - 7422

Really, that's all. This is the number to JCrew's Very Personal Stylist line. It will connect you with a personal stylist who will make buying the right bridesmaid dress in the right size much easier.

Here's what my personal stylist did for me:

1. She waived my shipping fee AND shipped my dress to me overnight.

2. She helped me figure out which size would be best for me.

3. I got my dress on sale which, according to the site, means I can't return or exchange it; however, the stylist waived the final return policy which allowed me to buy a couple of sale dresses in a couple of sizes with option of returning them.

Gals, if your wedding party is decking out in JCrew, this stylist line is a great option.

This was just too good not to share!

Hope you're having a grand Friday. Cheering for ya, Skillets.


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  1. Hello Sarah! I came across this photo on pinterest and am wondering if you know the style/ color name of these dresses?! They're exactly what I'm looking for for my wedding in June!

    1. I don't know the names of each of the styles but you can find them by visiting JCrew's website. They don't have all that many styles to choose from so it should be relatively easy to find the three in this picture.

    2. Ah, so I've tracked down the styles of the two outer dresses. The dress on the left is the Kylie, and the dress on the right is the Heidi. I don't the middle dress is on JCrew's website right now, although it was available this summer. Hope this helps!

  2. I would love to know the color! I don't see it on the website. Thanks!

    1. Katie,

      Unfortunately I don't know the color. It looks fuschia but I'm sure JCrew has some fancy name for it. :) If it's not on their site then they probably aren't selling it in this color right now. It may be helpful to call their customer service to ask!

      Good luck tracking it down!