Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy things...

...four of 'em:

1. Yesterday I ventured out of the house to the grocery store. (Two cheers for that!) While walking from my car to the store I passed a blond boy, about the age of 4, standing a few feet from his mom who was putting a baby sibling in the mini van. The boy, oblivious to his mom's efforts to get all the kids in the car, stood stoutly, brandishing a wooden sword, its PVC pipe sheath secured at his side. He was a fierce knight to be reckoned with. No doubt all the grocery store dragons hid cowering in the produce section.

The whole thing brought me loads of delight.

2. My mom just painted this darling band of lawn frogs.

If this band's music was discernible to the human ear (no doubt it's discernible to the gnome next to the petunias) we'd probably classify it as a jazzy big band jam. These frogs are endearing for more than their music, though. I also love them for their buns.

Frog buns.

Did you know those were a thing?

These guys don't have the cowboy flair that Marlboro Man does, but they are nonetheless worth broadcasting to the world.

Sorry, frogs.

Please don't stop serenading us over this.

3. Last night my folks and I ate dinner outside. We've had a hot spell here so it was nice to relax in the shade.

The tree in the center of the photo is full of BABY APPLES!

I had my eyes dilated for a doctor's appointment so it was sunglasses into the evening hours for me, man.

After dinner I walked down the street and picked blackberries for dessert. There are a few things that make me feel transported back to childhood, and blackberry picking is one of them.

Side note: when I was a kid, I loved dreaming up inventions that made blackberry picking easier. For example, instead of using a bucket to collect berries, I cut a large hole in a milk jug and then strapped the jug to my waist by slipping my belt through its handle. I don't remember if I was the originator of this idea, but the innovative get-up certainly inspired other ideas for inventions, such as a protective suit that allows pickers to wade deep into the bushes to get the hiding berries, or an arm that picks the fattest, ripest berries way up high. These contraptions would ensure an abundantly fruitful berry picking excursion.

4. I'm going stir-crazy. All this time in bed. A summer full of cerulean skies, and some of the best hiking and camping in the world at my fingertips. Boy what I'd give for a good, sweaty hike. But, since that's not an option right now, I decided to add a little action to my day and take my lunch up the street to the Washington State University campus. It's a stunning campus with wide open spaces, mountain views, forest glens, and thickets of blackberries. It's also got some great picnicking rocks.

See! Plenty of room to spread out, snack, and soak up the sun.

Perks of a picnic outing:
  • the view of Mt. Hood
  • the singsong of the field birds
  • an impish breeze
  • wearing something other than sweats (a cute pair of neon Nike shorts Sister gave me!)
  • food tastes better outside

Picnics are one of the best things of life, aren't they?

Happy Wednesday, folkaroos.

Cheering for ya — every last one of ya.


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