Friday, July 17, 2015

Looking forward

One of my doctors recently reminded me of the importance of building things into my life that I can look forward to. He said it's essential for healing. I've been struggling to do this well the last several months because my body limits me in so many ways, so I've started asking God to give me things each week that make my life feel full and exciting, if even for a moment.

Here's how he's provided lately:

1. Most days I look forward to walking down the street to pick blackberries for dessert after dinner.

If you could somehow lick summer, it would taste like blackberries. Every season has a taste, I think. Fall tastes like baked apples, fresh off the tree in the backyard. Winter tastes like peppermint hot chocolate. Spring tastes like citrus, at least in the sunny southwest it does (how might spring taste to you?). And summer tastes like blackberries.

2. During a few trips to the blackberry thicket this week, I picked extra berries to set aside for baking. I've been on a strict vegetables, fruit, and turkey diet for several months, but this week I caved and made warm blackberry scones topped with clotted coconut cream. And of course, there was tea. There is always tea.

 Who says grain, egg, dairy and refined sugar-free baked goods can't be GOOD!

My coconut clotted cream needed more time to "clot"

Also, scones and tea are solid proof for God's existence.

3. Several days ago I escaped the house for a bit to see my childhood best friend, Lauren, and her two sweet kiddos.

Lauren and I were thick as thieves growing up. We also had a penchant for crazy costumes (and crazy escapades to accompany them):

This is from a picture book I made for Lauren when I was a young thang. Now, her daughter loves it when Lauren "reads" the book to her before bed.

Lauren's a full-grown wife and mom now, but some things never change. She still has a silly streak and a readiness to laugh. I love that about her. It's been almost three decades since the birth our friendship and we still have lots of fun together.

Here's the crew:

Oops! Lauren's eyes are closed.

Let's try again:

 Oh no, we lost you, Ben!

One more time:

Viv, where'd you go?

Alright, again.

 Oh boy. Sarah's down for the count.

Next time. Next time we'll capture all four pairs of hazely green eyes in the same photo.

4. On Tuesday a friend, C, who has prayed faithfully for me on this journey of sickness, stopped by to give me a beautiful quilt she'd made for me.

The inside of the quilt is made out of flannel. It's so very soft.

The outside looks like a garden.

What a treasure.

5. The sunset skies these days. They make me want to fly. And paint. And write music. 

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you have all sorts of things to look forward to this weekend.

Cheering for ya, Skillets,


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