Friday, August 14, 2015


My friends,

I have a number of happy things to report, no doubt in large part because of your faithful, fervent prayers for me:

1. I'll be returning to teach part-time at Biola in the fall! The Lord has made it very clear that I'm to return, and I feel a deep peace and enormous relief about my decision. I'll postpone my Ph.D. program as I heal, but I still intend to resume my studies when my body lets me.

2. I've been detoxing for about 6 weeks now and I'm experiencing pockets during which some of my more miserable symptoms are a little quieter. Typically, my body feels the way I imagine the first stages of poisoning feel. Now, it feels like there is generally less poison coursing through my body. I suppose this makes sense, since the homeopathics I've been taking have been pulling, pulling, pulling toxins out of my body. We still don't know why my body is so toxic, of course, but the lack of diagnosis is a bit less discouraging this week since our current treatments seem to be helping, at least a little bit.

I woke up to rain on the window panes and energy to make banana bread

3. My brother and his fiance are flying into Portland today. On Sunday my parents will host a wedding reception for them since their September wedding is in Florida and many PNW friends will be unable to attend. I'm so, so excited to see them. The timing is wonderful since I'm able to be upright a bit more this week.

Marc and his fiance, Jaime

4. This week I've discovered a couple of other forms of treatment that I intend to try in the next month. I'm going to wait until after my brother's wedding, though, since treatment, especially detoxing, tends to make me sicker before I improve. I'm glad to have a treatment plan for September. I'm so hopeful it will help!

I have a few prayer requests today as I look toward the next few weeks:

First, that my body would steadily improve, or, at the very least, not get worse. In May I experienced two weeks of quieter symptoms after a five-week herbal detox, but the relief was short-lived, and my health took a massive dive after that two-week period. I'd love it if I didn't regress at all this semester, and especially not in the next month of activities.

Second, that I'd have physical and mental stamina to fly to Florida for my brother's wedding festivities September 4-9. At this point, it would take a miracle for my body to hold up for something like this. Also, nine of my dearest life-long friends will be there —we'll have a reunion of sorts — and I'd love to be able to participate in the festivities. I'd also love to be able to dance at the wedding reception on September 6th...

Third, that I'd have stamina to re-enter work upon returning from the wedding, and that my teaching would help my healing process rather than hinder it.

A number of you have asked about how the MRI went on Monday. Thank you for praying. I felt nervous about going through with it up until a few hours before my appointment but intended to go ahead and do it. Thankfully, a few hours before my appointment, I had a nagging feeling that I should confirm insurance coverage for the MRI. I'd left that part of things in the hands of the referring doctor's office. After doing some digging, I discovered that the MRI wasn't covered after all. I canceled the appointment at the last minute and will reschedule after the wedding at a location where it will be covered. I'm thankful that the Lord spared me a large expense.

So many of you have made me feel so loved this month. You've written me kind notes, sent me books on CD, delivered freshly picked blackberries, offered to come keep me company, and so much more. Thank you thank you thank you!

Love and hugs and love and hugs and cheering for ya, Home Skillets,


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  1. Praying for you, Sarah.
    Oh, I do hope you can dance at the wedding reception!!!

    1. Dayna,

      Thank you for praying and hoping with me. :)