Monday, August 24, 2015

Home again: the California version

Greetings from Orange County! I've returned to the land of dolphins, orange groves, and knock-your-socks-off Mexican food. I flew in yesterday afternoon and am gearing up to start teaching later this week. It's good to be back.

Yesterday, I felt particularly hemmed in behind and before by God's caring provision. I accumulated QUITE a lot of extra stuff when I was in Washington, and yesterday I found myself dragging enough sea lion-sized luggage through the the airport that I could've opened my own sea lion-sized-luggage aquarium. Fortunately, the moment I entered the airport two passersby helped me get my luggage down the escalator. It was as if they were just waiting on the other side of the airport entrance to whisk me to the Jetblue desk. Obstacle #1: sailed right on over it.

Obstacle #2: fear of flying. I had my phone and headphones so I could distract myself with airplane dancing, but I didn't even need to. Instead, I talked the whole flight with the guy to my left. We got to talk about the most important things, like how we can know Truth, and about the jaw-dropping [sometimes unsettling] claims of Jesus of Nazareth. This kind of conversation makes me feel so alive. It also makes it easier to ignore turbulence. When we landed my new friend, M, turned to me and said, "I'm so glad we could talk. Flying gives me major anxiety and this made it easier." Back atcha, M. Obstacle #2: Alll taken care of. 

When we landed M helped me get my luggage to the curb. He and I will stay in touch. We've each agreed to read a book that the other has recommended. I'm going to read a book he's enjoyed by a physicist who uses physics to attempt to prove the existence of the immaterial world, and he's going to read the Gospel of John. It will be fun to check in with each other as we read throughout the semester.

 A friend from church picked me up from the airport. She managed to get all my sea lion-sized luggage in the car and then handed me a bouquet of sunflowers. "These are for you!" she said. Then I looked in the back seat and saw it was full of groceries. "These are for you, too," she said.

You guys.

I'd wondered if I'd have stamina to get groceries upon landing. I figured I could snack on the sweet potato chips I had with me for dinner if all else failed. But this friend. She had it all planned out and I had a summer salad with raspberries for dessert last night instead. Obstacle #3: Ningun problema.

It's extra sunny around here

Yesterday looked a lot like a hurdle race, but I felt like I was being whooshed along a grace-drenched water slide instead. I'm just so thankful.

Happy Monday folks.

Photos from the reception are coming soooon!

Cheering for you,


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