Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Home again

Glory hallelujah, I made it to Washington state safe and sound with no physical complications while in the air. My ideal health scenario last week would have been continued herb-induced improvement as I prepared to fly, but God sure used the week of physical crisis to showcase the power of prayer. I like it when he does that.

The carpet at PDX is renowned among lovers of the PNW

Dozens, maybe even scores, of you were praying for me last week, and on Saturday, the night before my flight, my symptoms suddenly quieted. On Sunday, while I flew, they remained quiet; and since I arrived in Washington, they've stayed mostly quiet-ish. Never in the last five years— and I really mean NEVER — has my health turned around as fast as it did on Saturday. I wasn't on any new medicine to induce the change, so the only way I can explain my body's sudden improvement before flying is God's gracious response to our prayers.

Although my symptoms were quieter on Sunday, I still felt nervous to fly. Before I got sick years ago, I liked flying. I especially liked turbulence. Something about the rhythmic jostling comforted me. So it was rather surprising when, while flying to Washington five years ago, the plane hit some turbulence and my body went into fight or flight mode. My heart raced, adrenaline charged, and throat constricted. Ever since then, I spend most flights trying to comfort my body by practicing mindfulness

But folks, I have discovered something with faster results than mindfulness: AIRPLANE DANCING. Here's what you do: put on your headphones and blast a very upbeat playlist. I listened to a song [on repeat] written by my friend Marques Nelson. Forevermore, this song will be my airplane jam, man. I could've danced in the aisles if everyone else would've been okay with it. Instead, I danced with my shoulders and fingers. I shimmied and I shook and I conducted the band (God bless the people sitting on either side of me), and you know what? My central nervous system didn't go haywire. Sometimes I even had the sense that the airplane's bumps and dips were the plane's attempt at some sweet dance moves.

So now I'm at my folks' house, and I'm thanking God for the week of physical crisis last week because it allowed him to showcase his attention to the prayers of his people and his power to ease a girl's symptoms just like *that*. I'm also thanking him for bodies that open us to the joy of dance, even if it's just shoulder dancing.

But that's not all, folks. An N.D., Dr. A., had a cancellation yesterday and I was able to see her. I'm still processing our appointment, but I think seeing her was a good first step. I'm on a number of other doctors' waiting lists and am asking God to direct me to the next good doctor. Because none of these doctors is quite as educated and reputed as Dr. N., I'm realizing I'll need to see a few of them in order to definitively diagnose my illness and develop a more well-rounded and effective protocol. In the meantime, I'm easing into Dr. A.'s protocol and am praying for God's continued direction and provision. There can be lots of complications when trying to clear a systemic infection caused by lyme or other pathogens, especially since killing off bacteria too fast in a weak body can cause more havoc than healing. I want to make wise, informed choices as I work toward health.

Thank you for your encouragement, support, and prayers. I just love you all. Let me know if there's any way I can pray for you this week. (Contact info here).

Cheering for ya, Skillets,


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  1. Epic carpet shot.

    Glad you made it home ok! You can certainly pray for me- I'm the mother of a teenager, what's not to pray for? :->

    We're continuing to pray for relief for your physical symptoms. Hang in there!

    1. Did you know they're replacing the carpet?! There are only a few spots that still have the famous PDX carpet... I shall miss that turquoise carpet.

      I will certainly pray for you and that teenager of yours! Thanks for continuing to pray for me. My symptoms continue to be quietish this morning, for which I'm thankful.