Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Barefoot days

It's been a week full of family, rest, bare feet, home-grown strawberries, and walks in the sunshine.

(Posting bare feet pictures on here means you and I are becoming great pals. Only a good friend can graciously endure bare feet pictures.)
I'm happy to report that my symptoms have, for the most part, continued to quiet down since I've arrived in Washington, and I have occasional pockets of relief that allow me to be productive. And by be productive, I mean dance. I hope to have the moonwalk mastered by the time my brother gets married this September. Hollllla!

I'm hopeful that this week's improvements indicate future improvement, but there is nothing linear about this illness. It's wildly erratic, with ebbing and flowing that makes no sense at all. I've stopped trying to predict when I'll feel this way or that, and have instead decided to take full advantage of the quieter stretches. This week's quietest stretches were filled with a picnic and nature hike with my sister.

My body has also allowed me to settle into a nice daily rhythm this week. In the mornings, I have a cuppa tea in the sunshine while I read my Bible. I write for several hours mid-day, and in the evenings, my mom and I go on short walks on the university campus up the street. The views are our walk are breath-taking:

There is little in the world that compares to a Pacific Northwest summer. I would drink this fragrant air through a straw if I could figure out how. I'm so glad I'm up here.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

Praying for you. And, as always, cheering for ya, Skillets.


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  1. So glad you're having a vacation from your symptoms!

    1. Thank you, snapdragon! I do love when they're not quite so raucous. :)

  2. Sort of off topic, but you're a lovely lady and have cute toes. Haha