Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three days

This week my body has taken me through the wring.er., and since my next doctor's appointment isn't until tomorrow, I've been pumping my body full of every natural remedy I can think of to try to ease my symptoms a bit. Nutritional shakes. Gallons of water. Electrolyte drinks (thanks, mom, for inventing the concoction). Vitamins. Supplements. And man, nothing is working. And so, I have decided to try bone broth — the anti-inflammatory elixir touted by bloggers such as Wellness Mama and Dr. Mercola and recommended to me by multiple friends. This stuff sounds like the real deal, so last week I bought the ingredients to make my own. Today is the first time I'll actually drink the broth, though, because it's taken me three days to make this stuff. And my, what a long three days it's been.

Have you ever made beef bone broth, dear readers? It is one of God's especially stinky gifts. And since the bones have to simmer for for 48-72 hours before their marrow has fully disintegrated into the broth, it's three days of major stink. God bless my parents who have put up with this constant, simmering stench ("Sarah, I can smell that stuff in the front yard"). And God bless my bedroom, which has a way of trapping especially potent pockets of bone broth stink (there is no escape from this smell. None). And God bless my body, for which my family and I are enduring three days of olfactory discomfort (one day we'll laugh about this).

In the meantime, I'm thinking I'll try chicken bones for my next batch of broth. Surely they smell better than beef bones. If you bone broth aficionados are able to weigh in on this stinky issue, please do. Do you know of a less smelly way to do this? If so, my family will be forever in your debt.

Over and out, and cheering for ya, Skillets,


P.S. I'll see a new N.D. tomorrow. Would you pray that God will fill him with supernatural healing wisdom and that he'll get me on a trajectory of healing? I'll also be seeing three different doctors ( a radiologist for a brain scan, a neurologist, and an infectious disease doctor) in the next few weeks. I'm hoping they can collectively shed some light on what's going on in my body.

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