Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More prayer requests

Dear Ones,

By the grace of God, I made it across the finish line. My classes are over and grades are in. Summer is officially here. Thankfully, I recently sold my car (yay! Thanks for praying about that) and am heading to Washington next week where I'll rest and see a specialist who can hopefully give me a diagnosis and some treatment. In the meantime, the Chinese herbs that were giving me some relief the last few weeks seem to have completely stopped working this week, and my symptoms are horrendous. I'm hoping you prayer warriors can prop me up in prayer as I prepare to travel next week.

Here are my prayer requests:

1. Protection. I'm really nervous about flying next week as I'm not sure if my body can handle it. I'm particularly worried that the pressure and altitude will make my body go haywire.

2. Wisdom. It may be unwise for me to fly, in which case I'll have to find another way to get home. Not sure I can drive myself at this point. 

3. Relief. There's nothing I can take or do to get physical relief right now, so I'm asking God to lessen my symptoms as the week progresses.

4. Stamina. Yesterday my big activity was making a salad and washing the dishes afterward. It's going to take some supernatural strength to make it to this week's doctor's appointments, pack, and travel.

5. Encouragement and peace; a sense of the Spirit's presence.

I'm so thankful for your prayers, my friends. How can I pray for you today? Shoot me an email to let me know.

Cheering for ya, Skillets,


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