Monday, March 21, 2016



About five years ago I noticed I'd randomly throw my arms open wide when I was outside. I think it was my body's way of keeping me open to the world — of inviting it in even though it was full of viruses, and mold, and abuse, and accidents, and all sorts of scary things. This fall a friend who deals with ulcerative colitis told me her doctor recommended she throw her arms open when she went walking. "It will help your body heal," her doctor said. It turns out there's science behind this: what we do with our bodies affects our brains and spirits. Aren't we gloriously created?!

 (Thanks to my sneaky photographing friend Sean for capturing this shot!)

And hey, studies suggest this helps with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, too!

I say we all take a moment to welcome spring with our arms spread wide. Get those endorphins flowing!

And if you're feeling reeeally spring-y (and even — or maybe especially – if you're not), do a little dancin'. Here's proof it will help your mood:

Happy Spring, folks.


P.S. I tried to go to church on Palm Sunday — I was just so hopeful— but my body poo-pooed the idea and I had to leave church after a few minutes. Would you pray God would give me a pocket of well-enough-being to celebrate Easter? Thank you, my friends.

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