Sunday, March 6, 2016


A couple of years ago, I started the spiritual practice of imagining what the Trinity might be doing in relation to me when I am resting in bed. I always start by asking God to give me pictures that help me understand his love and care for me. Sometimes he gives me startlingly vivid pictures; other times, he's quieter and I try to let scripture inform my imaginings.

I often imagine Jesus is cradling me and murmuring prayers to the Father on my behalf in a language I can't understand. The Father is always standing over us, sheltering us with wings woven together with fragrant, feathered beams of light. Somehow, he stretches to the heavens but is still just a few feet from me. He is so tender and responsive to the prayers of the Son. 

The Holy Spirit is breathing into me, praying. I think he must be giving me spiritual CPR. With each breath, a thread of light appears in my spirit and begins to grow longer and thicker. Soon, each thread splits into several threads of light, each of them also growing longer, thicker. Before long, my entire soul is glowing with veins of light — a spiritual cardiovascular system carrying Divine Life to my starved spaces.

It's a practice that is transforming my prayer life and helping me live more fully out of my divine daughter-ship and beloved-ness.

Today I've been praying for those of you who have sent me prayer requests (keep 'em coming!). I'm especially praying that you would know the protective favor of the Father, the tender care of the Son, and the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit.

Happy Sunday, my friends.

I'm cheering and praying for you today, Skillets.



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