Sunday, December 18, 2016


My friends,

I MADE IT TO THE FINISH LINE! I experienced very few neurological triggers this last week and was able to wrap up my doctoral classes with just one casualty:

These poor little sweet potatoes never got to meet the bacon I was cooking up for them. It's too bad: I think they would have had a sizzlin' relationship.

Such are the misfortunes of finals week.

After submitting my last homework assignments Friday afternoon, some dear friends and I braved the frigid Orange County temperatures to look at lights.

Oh me oh my, if you are a girl, then you know: there is little on earth that fills the soul like girl time.

There is a neighborhood in Fullerton that rallies to hang hundreds upon hundreds of glowing orbs from the large trees lining the streets. They go all out to light up their houses, too; and the result is magical — like 1,000 more times magical than this photo:

This is the first week in awhile that I haven't been fighting the neurological flare-ups associated with colds, and I was delighted to realize, partway through our Christmas light outing, that I felt sort of normal.


I'll write a limbic system retraining update later this month, but for now, this is another encouragement for those of you who are considering trying DNRS: do it. It really, truly is healing me.

Thank you for praying for me this semester, my friends. I am just so thankful for you.

And now, I turn to GRADING!

Continued prayers welcome. ;)

Merry Sunday, friends.


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