Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Prayer support

Hi Friends,

I'd love your prayers in the coming weeks.

The last two months I've had back-to-back colds that have often been like lighter fluid on the neurological fire. They have made life extra hard.

As I head into the last few weeks of the semester, I have an absurd amount of homework, along with the usual piles of grading, and I'll need to be cold-free in order to do it all.

Would you pray for protection from bugs and other neurological triggers between now and the 20th? I'd love to be able to finish the semester's race.

Thank you!

Cheering for you,


P.S. These are the Jackson girls:

I love them a lot, and I love this photo, which is why I'm sharing it with you. 

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  1. What a beautiful family Sarah. A beautiful picture of you ladies. I will pray for you Sarah.

    1. Thank you thank you for your kind words and prayers. :)