Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Birthday and Best Laid Plans

Jay and I are in the throes of moving into our new place, and we are having so much fun.

Our first day back in Orange County was my birthday, so we postponed all unpacking and devoted the day to celebration.

I've recovered from my flare-up, so Jay brought me my very favorite breakfast — in bed: pastries filled with real whipped cream!

In a victorious attempt to reenact our honeymoon, we ate all seven of these bad boys by ourselves, after which we promptly took a nap. Now that I am the ripe ol' age of 33, my idea of a good party is eating food while horizontal so as to transition to napping with minimal effort. Who knew 33 would be so glorious.

(Pastries are from Cream Pan, a Japanese and French bakery in Tustin).

After our nap Jay took me on a mystery outing. "Get dressed up and make sure you're hungry when we leave!" he said.

Our first stop was my favorite restaurant in Orange County, Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen. We ordered plates piled with homemade tortillas, pork, mole chicken, and fresh salsa; and we spent most of the time discussing the fabulous nuances of the food.

I'm so glad I'm married to someone who likes talking about food. I've missed food confab all these years (it is very hard to get excited about daily servings of squash, my friends) and I'm making up for lost time. Also: it's still hard to believe I can eat real, live dessert on my birthday.

When our bellies were full, Jay took me to the symphony to see Rachmaninoff. It was his first time at the symphony, and he loved it! I did, too. Whenever I go to a concert, I feel like the sound waves rush toward me and wrap around me in a big hug, as if to say: "You're here! We've been waiting for you! We want to invite you into our beauty!" It is one of life's best feelings.

And of course, we closed the night with a trip to Stars Hollow — we watched Gilmore Girls. It was the perfect end to a delightful day.

The next day we began moving stuff into our new place.

I wish I could report that we have been strategic and efficient movers, but we have been the absolute spaciest movers I have ever known. We've tried to be strategic and thorough; but we are worn out from the summer's fast pace, and our attempts at efficiency quickly morphed into a comedy of errors.

First, we headed to the storage unit in one city so we could bring some of its contents to my old place in another city. Then, we realized the keys to the storage unit were at my old place. So we turned around and headed to my old place to move my piano, before realizing the blankets to drape over the piano were in my storage unit. After successfully moving the piano (sans blankets) to a third city, we finally made it up to my storage unit, only to find it had closed. So we headed to a fourth city to pick up a desk, and determined to make it to our storage unit the next morning before heading back to the third city to drop some stuff off, before heading to the second city to drop other stuff off.

We traveled 70 more miles than we intended, but our spirits are still high, baby!

Now our little abode is piled rather high with boxes and is rather void of furniture, so we've been using box furniture:

A box dining room table! It's just the right size for two and doubles as a gift and mail holder between meals.

I love our box table dinners. I think I will miss them when we have a dining room table. This is probably a good thing, because Jay and I are shooting for the stars with our dining room table dreams. (I will tell you about them later!). Our grand plans mean we will have either have a beautiful dining room table soon, or we will not have any dining room table for quite awhile. Our track record this week makes me think I may be getting my box table dinners for awhile longer...

What a beautiful life it is.

Happy Thursday, friends.


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