Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday Things, a Friday Edition: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

One of my dearest friends, Rachel, visited me this week. It's been years since we've been able to catch up like this, so we shared five days of non-stop talking. If the average woman says 7,000 words a day, then I'm pretty sure we each averaged at least 20,000.

I woke up hoarse the day after Rachel left.

We talked while we walked, sipped tea, slept (we're sleep-talkers, see), and munched on fries, more fries, and...more fries. Fries were a priority this weekend.

Naturally, it was a lovely, lovely week.

I give you some of the highlights from Gab Fest/French Fry Fiesta 2012:

1. First things first: we hit the beach and reveled in the fresh, salty air and winter sun. Then we went to a beachside cafe and ate a burger wrapped in bacon with, you guessed it: a whopping side of fries. It was a delight.

2. We loved investigating the tide pools.

This picture is so romantic with the sun slowly setting behind me, casting a golden glow over the tide pool with which I appear to be transfixed.

The truth is, I'm looking for a stick to poke sea anemones with.

Please excuse the fact that I ended a sentence with a preposition. Sometimes I like to rebel and let my prepositions dangle.

Doesn't this look like a donut with sprinkles?

Poking sea anemones is very satisfying. I imagine it's something akin to poking the belly button of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Except that the belly buttons of sea anemones squirt water. This makes them the most satisfying thing to poke in the world. Truly. I dare you to think of something more fun to poke.

By the way, this is how I originally spelled 'anemones': anenmoies

I think I must have been typing with my eyes closed.

3. Another of the week's highlights was our spa day, compliments of Rachel's thoughtful boyfriend. After an hour-long massage we got our nails done.

We fell in love with our manicures. They were smooth and shiny, and we couldn't stop looking at them. Or conspicuously waving our hands in the air every time we talked.

We ended our day of lavish pampering with dinner at TAPS Fish House and Brewery where I enjoyed salmon and...fried potatoes. Which is to say I ate classy french fries.

All dolled up for dinner.

4. In between our excursions we watched girly movies and murder mysteries, enjoyed impromptu dance parties, and ate....more french fries. There are no pictures documenting these activities. It's hard to take pictures when your hands are full of fries.

5. On Rach's last day here we visited our old stomping grounds, about an hour up the freeway.

We drove past our old apartment and then sipped tea and coffee at the neighborhood coffee shop where our friend, M, dropped by to chat for a bit. The highlight of the conversation, for me, was being introduced by M to some colorful slang euphemisms—my favorite being "bubble gut." Look it up on Or just know that this is what happens to you when you eat heaps and heaps of french fries.

6. The last trip we took down memory lane was a stop at our old college. We enjoyed the familiar stench of the cafeteria, and stopped by the track where I pretended to be in shape.

Rachel is in shape, so she doesn't have to pretend.

7. This is the part I don't like, because this is the part where Rachel goes home. She's planning another trip, though, so I imagine I will soon be presenting Gab Fest 2012 Part II: the return of the Killer Fries. In the meantime, you can find me on the treadmill.

Happy Weekend-Is-Almost-Here, everyone!

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