Thursday, January 17, 2013

Letters to my Life: more of 'em

Dear "Pushing Daisies,"

How were you only two seasons long? You were creative, quirky, smart, hilarious, and romantic. You cared about goodness and beauty. But, like a brilliant and warm supernova, you were here one moment and gone the next.

"The Bachelor" is on its 17th season.

This, I guess, is a very sad commentary about us.


Perplexed-and-dismayed Sarah

Dear Ned from "Pushing Daisies,"

Why, yes, I'll marry you.


Smitten Sarah

Dear Sister,

You’re my favorite to frolic with.


Skippy Sarah

Dear Prepositions,

Sometimes I like to rebel and let you dangle.


Wild Sarah

Dear little kid Self,

Don’t worry. I didn’t change much.


Crinkle-nosed Sarah

Dear men who sat around me on my flight to Phoenix this week,

To the man across the aisle who explained nomenclature chemistry: thank you for distracting me from the turbulence.

To the man on my left who helped the elderly man near the window put on his sweater: thank you for making me all warm inside.

To the quiet man behind me: thank you for taking my heavy bag from me and carrying it off the plane for me.


Grateful Sarah

Dear God,

Thanks for making us in your image. It makes me glad to be human.


Your Sarah

Dear Garden,

I love you and I missed you, and I love you and I missed you.


Happy-to-be-eating-lunch-surrounded-by-flowers Sarah

Dear American citizens, 

Please contact your congressman and senators (repeatedly) over the next few weeks. New firearm restrictions are coming, many based on ignorance of the issue and bypassing the issues that caused the Newtown tragedy. Instead of surrendering constitutional rights, we're better of putting pressure on our representatives to keep their eye on the ball and focus on the real issues at hand.*


I-copied-this-from-a-friend's-Facebook-status Sarah

Dear Readers,

It turns out writing letters is a grand way to capture life. I think I'll do it more.


Plain ol' Sarah

*This letter is not written by me. I copied it off a FB friend's status update.

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  1. Nice correspondence, Sarah. You got me laughing and smiling along the way, and even feeling warm inside as well just like you on that plane trip.


    1. Dear Tim,

      I'm glad. ;) Thank you for telling me.