Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letters to my life: Orange County Winter

Dear World,

Are you wondering why this Nike tennis skirt, featured in a recent Nordstrom catalogue, is so. darn. cute?

It's because my sister produced it, that's why.


Proud Sarah

Dear Pacific Northwest, Midwest, East Coast, and any other place that is not Orange County: 

You should fly south for the winter. It's mighty fine down here.


Hiking-in-a-tank-top-and-shorts-in-the-middle-of-January Sarah

Dear Lovely Woman who sat next to me in a faculty training meeting this week,

You didn't know that both my doctors advised me to try yoga a few months ago. And you didn't know that, as I worked to pay off medical bills, I'd started praying God would lead me to an inexpensive yoga class. And you didn't know that after awhile I said, "What the heck!" and began praying for a free yoga class.

You didn't know all this when you invited me to attend the yoga class you teach this semester, for free.

And you didn't know how you made my soul breathe deep delight.


Now-you-know Sarah

Dear Tonsils,

I do not miss you. At all. 


Healthy Sarah

Dear Hair,

Do you miss my tonsils? Because since their removal you've begun to rebel — you've gone from stick-straight to Top Ramen-curly.


Bewildered and Curly-haired? Sarah

Dear Observant Detail-Noticers,

Please ignore the hole you see in the neckline of my shirt in the above picture. It is a sign of long-lasting love for a shirt that used to be my dad's.


Daddy's little Sarah

Dear National Geographic,

This photo you captured is a profound metaphor. I just haven't figured out for what, yet.


But-I-will Sarah

Dear Readers,

Do you ever search high and low for your phone, retrace your steps 17 times, pull your [recently curling] hair in frustration, and then walk by the mirror and notice you're holding your phone to your head and talking on it?

I hope so. It would make me feel better.


Losing-it-at-28 Sarah

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  1. Dear Sarah,
    You can keep your brown California. Nothing beats the green that comes from all the rain.

    1. Dear Snapdragon,

      You are right: our horizons do not take my breath away the way yours do. Well, our horizons do take my breath away, but it's because of the smog.



  2. Sarah,
    You are really, really, funny.
    And you've been more funny since you've gotten healthy.
    Totally worth the tonsil surgery.

    Curly hair and enhanced humor.
    I've been having swallowing issues....I wonder...?

    1. Hip hip hooray for tonsillectomies (and curly hair!). Who knew the benefits would be so. . . diverse. ;) Thanks, Anne!