Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day to my bestest Pops

It's hard for me to explain why my dad is the bestest, greatest, amazingest, frendaplest. See, normal words just don't work. Sometimes you have to make them up.


1. Marvelous beyond words.

I tried to explain why once. (Here).

Actually, I've tried to explain why lots of times.

Whenever people ask me about my dad I try to explain. I tell them he's brilliant. He's incisive and insightful — a blend of intellect and wisdom that makes him a sure-fire problem-solver, situation-improver, and direction-giver.

I tell them he's committed — to Christ, my mom, my siblings and me, his church community, his friends, his role as a church shepherd.

For 34 years he's been married to my mom. For 28 years he's been present at scores of his kids' track meets, soccer games, music recitals, awards assemblies, and graduations. For 27 years he's pastored the same church. For 40 years he's cultivated friendships with people from his youth.

He's the kind of man you know you can call at three in the morning tomorrow, next year, ten years from now. You can tell him that stupid thing you did last week, or the secret longing you've never confessed, and know he's safe and will guide you toward Goodness and Truth. You can trust that, if he can, he will help your soul to grow and heal and hope, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I tell them my dad's a great one to laugh with. He'll slap his knee, throw his head back, and laugh until he wheezes, until everyone in the room is wheezing too because there's not much better than laughing with him.

I tell them he's adventurous and strategic, and if they ever need a guide for a European family vacation or a summer backpacking trip, he's their man. If they're wanting to do target practice out in the boonies, he's a good one to ask. And if they want a lesson in fly-fishing, well, he can do that, too.

I tell them he's thoughtful. Every time he comes to visit me he buys me flowers — sometimes a bouquet of roses, sometimes a Heliotrope for my patio. When he visits he'll go grocery shopping, cook dinner for me, and then clean up the mess. He's a fantastic cook.

And I tell them that if they met my siblings they'd probably notice that they're committed to Christ, are honest and hard-working, and like to laugh. That's because they wanted to be like my dad when they grew up. We all did. Because there's no one quite like our frendaplest dad.

Happy Father's Day, pops.

I'm thankful for you, and I love you somethin' fierce.

-Sarah Christine

© by scj


  1. I love hearing stories about awesome dads. My dad is sort of on the opposite end of things but I have high hopes for our future kids and my husband - he is somebody they will look up to and want to be like. So I love stories like this because it gives me more hope. Thank you :)

    1. Jenny,

      The little bits and pieces I hear about your husband make me think he is a man of intentionality who will take fatherhood very seriously. :) What fun you and he have to look forward to as you look toward familyhood!

      It is so wonderful to be exposed to good men and fathers. They help us to understand our heavenly father, don't they?


  2. I love this, I can hear his great laugh while I read it. A wonderful man, my frendapluncle Paul. :)

    1. Frendapluncle! This is a FANTASTIC word, Emily! Perhaps one of the highlights of my day, besides talking to my dad, of course. :)

      I can hear his laugh when I see that picture of him laughing. I love it. :)

  3. Wonderful tribute, Sarah. You did a wonderful description of him. Glad you have your dad!

    1. Thank you, Shirley! Boy, so. am. I. :)