Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The verdict is in...

...and it's totally okay to flirt with single-ready-to-mingle cops, as long as they're not pulling you over.

Just in case you were stuck in the "Flirting with this cop feels inappropriate, but wait, what if this cop is my future spouse — then shouldn't I be flirting with them so I can meet them?" quandary.

No doubt many of you face that dilemma often.

Which is why I'm here for you. I'm always here for you.


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  1. For the record, I happen to think that having a law enforcement officer as a spouse is a pretty AWESOME thing! (LEO sounds so much more romantic, don't you think??) Serve and protect, baby! Serve and protect. :o)

    1. Oh yes, LEO is more romantic, Sharon. :) My Christian friends with LEO spouses agree with you whole-heartedly. Serving and protective is aaaahh-tractive, that's for sure! ;)