Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn tea party

Two years ago something really lovely happened: I met a group of girls who like tea parties as much as I do.

This last Sunday two of these gals threw their annual autumn tea party. It was the perfect excuse to continue speaking in the British accent I'd polished earlier in the week.

Unfortunately, almost every picture I took of the girls who attended is fuzzy. We tried to rectify the problem by capturing photos of ourselves with four different phones, but not a single one of the results was clear. How strange.

It could be that we were having too much fun to hold the phones still...

Yes, that's probably it.

This year the group of girls who attended was rather large, so the party was held in a local clubhouse.

There were goodies galore,
"Sips and Sweets"

cool drinks and hot drinks,

and, of course, tea cups for days. At this point in the photo tour I'd died and gone to heaven.

There was also a craft table, at which we could make little tea "hats."

The girls put so much thought and effort into the details of this party.

It was just the most delightful way to end the weekend, dahling.

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