Friday, November 22, 2013

No small feat

This week Winter tromped into Orange County carrying two enormous buckets of water that she promptly dumped on us. Then she turned the county's thermostat down thirty degrees, and threw back her head and laughed a menacing, icy laugh. And now I'm wearing three layers, my hair is wrapped around my neck like a scarf, and I am huddled next to the space heater, thawing my hands so I can type.

What I'm trying to say is, it's officially in the low sixties.

And I'm officially a sun-spoiled winter wimp.

But I'm a sun-spoiled winter wimp who's can wield a drill like nobody's business. I am proud to announce that, after what felt like an indomitable streak of mishaps, I hung two sets of curtains without giving myself a black eye, fat lip, pulled muscle, or slight limp. 

I am woman and I overcame.

And let me tell you, hanging those suckers was no small feat. My place is really old, and I swear my walls are made out of a virtually impenetrable combination of plaster and cement. The drill couldn't actually get through the top layer of plaster.

But thanks to my protective eyewear, a hammer and nail, and the brute strength of an ox, I hung 'em.

It was such a vigorous, sweat-inducing affair that I was peeling off layers faster than you can say "winter wimp." Best endurance workout I've had in awhile. Between my curtain workout on Tuesday, and the strength training workout I had whilst carrying three full boxes of donuts for my students across campus on Wednesday, I'm looking to get in great shape this week, folks.

Although tiring, all this rigorous training has been worth it. My students hungrily and happily devoured the donuts, the curtains have home-ified my little place, and my triceps are considerably less jiggly. Minus the part about my triceps being considerably less jiggly.

Hey, I'll take what I can get, Jack One victory at a time, man, one victory at a time.

Hoping your week has been full of mishap-defying victories, folks.

Happy weekend!


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  1. True story, I too used the word, "home-ified" this week in an email to a friend. But, then again, I'm quite prone to creating my own words. It's just fantabulous! ~Sharon

    1. What are the odds, Sharon! Perhaps we should hereby declare "home-ified" a real word!

      If you like making up words, then you may enjoy the children's chapter book "Frindle." It's...fantabulous. ;)

    2. I will check out that book! Sounds fun. Well, now that your place is home-ified, you really must get all coze-ified and sit down with a good book. You know, buttery soft sweatshirt, warm fleece pants, and fuzzy socks---all warm and cozy... thus, coze-ified. ~Sharon

    3. The coze-ified sounds like the ideal life! I did check out some books (mostly children's lit;) from the library yesterday. So, if I can plow through some grading and write an article, then it's a coze-ified week for me!