Thursday, January 2, 2014


Today I woke up with grand plans to put a meteor-sized dent in my grading. Instead, I made fudge, went on a bike ride with my little brother, and laid in front of the fire for three hours. Then I watched Downton Abbey with my mom, dad, and brother.

Life is full of fun surprises.

Sun and blue sky made a rare and glorious appearance

And this weekend will be full of catch-up grading.

Because tomorrow there will be little time for grading. In an attempt to bond with me, Littlest Brother suggested we have an Anne of Green Gables marathon tomorrow. Yes ladies, he is amazing. And yes, he is single. Although I'm not sure if I'm ready for him to mingle. It was just yesterday that he was scooting barefoot around the house, pushing his firetruck and flying into the pathways of startled family members. Firetruck-pushing little brothers aren't supposed to date, right?

Littlest Brother, sans firetruck

Anyway, watching Anne of Green Gables will be the perfect way to ring in the weekend. It'll also be a good distraction from the sense of loss I feel now that Abi has returned to her owner. 

Dearest Abi,

 — also known as "Pookie Wookie Face,"

also known as "Abilicious,"

also known as "The Child" —

This is my favorite picture of Abi

You were the best, four-legged Christmas guest we've ever had. I shall miss waking up to your enthusiastic licks, delighted prancing, and exuberant tail-wagging. I will miss lots of other things, too. Your owners are very lucky.

And, come to think of it, I am very lucky to be sitting here by a cozy fire, surrounded by family, full of fudge, next to a pile of grading. That I must tackle. Now.

Farewell, friends. Wish me grading endurance....



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