Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

These people are my favorites.

We have lots of things in common. We all like pecan butter. We all own Nike running shoes. We all watched Despicable Me 2 this weekend. We all have the same last name.

Between the seven of us, we traveled 5,000 miles to spend Christmas together. It was a worthy trek.

Last night, we donned our fancies and headed to a restaurant in Portland with a killer view of the city. The evening — a Christmas gift from my parents — was lovely. The tables were candlelit, the city below sparkled (and so did the ladies at the table), the food knocked our socks off, and it was generally a festive evening.

This is my little brother, Marc, flanked by me and my sister, Rebecca.
Marc just graduated from college. He's become strapping, bearded, and educated. He's always been smart, hilarious, and loyal. We like him.

Rebecca is my fashion consultant. She's also the one I call when life has me down, the one I dance with when I'm feeling inhibited, and my slumber party invitee of choice. God knew what he was doing when he gave me her.

This is my brother Aaron and his wife, Natasha.

Aaron is fly. He starts hair trends, wears sick shoes, and is generally one of the coolest people I know. He's also tender, thoughtful, and crazily creative. Natasha is hard-working, loyal, and, of course, beautiful. She's also training for the Olympics. You should check out her website and her blog. Aaron and Natasha are a good match. We like having them around.

This is my mom and dad.

My mom is radiant. My dad is lucky. He's also trustworthy, thoughtful, and great fun to be around. He reads voraciously and is an impressive cook. He loves my mom. Naturally. She is full of conviction, oozes creativity, and is my absolute favorite to laugh with. Her baking expertise knows no bounds, and she can dance an impromptu salsa number like nobody's business. Both my mom and my dad are wise, loyal, and have modeled for us faithfulness to Jesus, even when it's wildly difficult. We think they're great.

This is our waiter's finger. Or an unruly flash. Or a mummy rising from the dead.

Sometimes photo spots work like clouds; they contain all sorts of hidden objects.

And this is Abi and I wishing you a happy New Year!

Well, I'm wishing you New Year's cheer, anyway. Abi is busy looking toward the next bend in the road; she's looking toward new adventures, challenges, and opportunities. She's excited about 2014.

I pray an exciting 2014 for you, friends. 

I hope, in this new year, you know....

.... the peace, provision, and presence of Jesus who's always calling us nearer, with open arms ....

..... encouragement and direction from the Spirit who delights in nudging us into newness of life .....

.... and the smiling approval of the faithful Father who loves us so ....

Merry, exciting newness ahead of us!

In Him,


© by scj


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Happy And Blessed New Year to you and your family! Thank you very much for the pictures of the Jackson family! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

    We came to know your parents through Glenwood CC and they are so dear to us! :)

    Kind regards.

    Werner and Isma Fourie.

    1. Werner and Isma,

      I'm glad to hear from you! Thank you for the holiday blessings. The Jackson clan wishes the same for you. :)

      If you're in Vancouver today, then I hope you're able to soak up some of this rare sun. Such a treat!