Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Faithful Sky

The Little Red Hen was onto something.

I can't imagine anything more horrifying than the sky falling.

Everywhere, in every facet of life, things are always changing. The earth quakes and splits open, friends come and go, jobs change, bodies fail, lovers leave, finances dwindle, storms demolish, success wanes.

But the sky: it's always there.

When my heart races with anxiety, soul swells with fear, and hope gives way to despair, I remember the faithful sky with its banner of truest blue;

Its water color clouds,

Lavender tides,

And flaming light.

If the heavens declare the work of God, then God must still be at work, because the sky is still there. And he must be beautiful, because the sky is dazzling. And he must be good, because beauty is "goodness made manifest to the senses."*

When life is dizzying and disappointing, and it's hard to see what God is doing, and I'm tempted to join in the Little Red Hen's chorus, I look up. And for a moment, I rest in the grace of the faithful sky.

*Dallas Willard said this

© by scj

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