Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh, you know, just losing my marbles

It's finals week. And although I have no finals because I'm not currently in school, and although next week I'll have five hundred times more grading than I do this week, and although we've had the weather of Paradise since Sunday, I am bushed, exhausted, wiped. Absolutely pooped.

Each morning, while working up the verve to get out of bed, I find myself speaking bits of encouragement aloud into the silence: "You can do it Cinderelli, you can do it!!" Which, oddly, works.

Then I roll out of bed begrudgingly and do really terrific things. Like baking brownies for my students with the oven at 375 instead of the advised 325.

Or almost running into a 15-passenger van in my neighborhood that I somehow did not see.

Or losing my grade book, frantically turning the house upside down looking for it, and then finding it in the mailbox later.

All this to say, I'm hanging in there, but barely. And if my Facebook feed is any indicator of the general state of the average American, then you are barely hanging in there, too. To which I say: "Solidarity! We're in this together! We can do it! I believe in us! Yes!" That and, "Chocolate." Sometimes the best encouragement comes in one-word packages, smells like heaven, and tastes like glory.

Go make yourself some fudge, folks.

Happy halfway-to-the -weekend day!


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  1. Love it Sarah! haha, in light of your grading book lost in your mailbox...I title this, "An Ode to Sick and Tired."
    Yesterday I tried to google chat with Kyler Jackson, and it was all working till it seemed his audio wasn't; he could hear me, yet to me he looked like a mime. Since he could hear me, I suggested we try again, and so we did. Once again, it did not work, I couldn't hear him, and I was convinced it had to be something technical on his end. We did this a couple times, until my astute problem solving skills led me to suggest we try Skype, maybe google chat was gliching... we tried Skype, and sure enough the sound still wasn't working. A quick message chat informed me that Kyler had tried his desktop, his laptop, his iPad and iPhone! I triple checked my sound system to ensure it was plugged in, and it was, I was still in the clear. Then I had the magic thought, is my volume turned up enough? sure enough, it was as low as it could go. #brainfrazzle
    We ended up having a good laugh, and a fun conversation.

    thanks for the post!

    1. Ha! Great, title, Aaron! And hilarious Skype story! Sometimes I wonder if God and the angels get a real kick out of watching us navigate brain frazzle (great hash tag by the way — the theme of my life these days)! Mom and I have had similar Skype experiences...

      There's a commercial of a van with a car-top driving into an open garage and leaving a big hole above the garage door with the car-top. I have a good laugh every time I see it. It just hits too close to home... ;)

      Thanks for your story, Aaron. Two thumbs up for solidarity! ;)

  2. I *so* hear you! Does it help to know that I tried to put the cat in the fridge instead of down the stairs yesterday?

    1. Oh Sharalyn, this made me laugh out loud! You, Aaron and I are three peas in a pod. ;) Thank you for telling me. Ha!

  3. Have you ever heard the song, "Overcomer" by Mandisa? I chant those words to myself for encouragement. Actually, my daughter and I use them when we "Do hard things," (great book, if you've never read it). Check it out! "Don't quit, don't give in, you're an overcomer!"

    1. Sharon, I haven't heard that song! It sounds like a "winner." ;) I'll have to check it out (in the airport now without headphones. Should I listen now? Motivate my fellow fly-ers?;). It is surprising how much speaking (or singing) encouragement into the silence really does motivate me. Thanks for the recommendation!