Sunday, December 29, 2013

I'm in Love

Everyone, meet Abbie.

She is the cutest little pookie wookie face you ever did see.

Actually, she's a Maltese — the Maltesest of all Malteses.

She belongs to my sister's friend who is out of town for the holidays. Luckily, Rebecca gets to take care of Abbie while her owners are gone. And luckily, Rebecca's been staying at my parents' house since all of us siblings are staying with my parents for the holidays.

We love Abbie. It's a good thing she likes people because snuggling with Abbie is all we want to do these days.

We can't help it; she's a curly, poofy ball of joy. She's a prancing, playful cuddle magnet. She's a living, breathing beanie baby who likes licking those she loves.

She's a muse for fur-trimmed fashion shows,

and a sucker for late-night belly rubs.

She's a curious little critter who likes prancing from room to room and person to person, exploring new territories, assessing new situations, and ensuring she doesn't miss out on any morsel of conversation, tidbit of adventure, or crumb of Christmas cheer.

I'm allergic to pretty much anything that has four legs, which means I never get to pet, snuggle, or play with animals. But for some reason I am only mildly allergic to Abbie, so I've been making up for 29 years of not being able to enjoy dogs.

I find myself cooing, crawling around on my hands and knees, and lying on the floor approximately 80% of the time. I find myself looking forward to returning from holiday outings so I can see little Abbie. I find myself wishing we could keep her forever and ever, Amen.

Wouldn't that be grand?

So if you need me to babysit your Maltese, I'm all in.

Happy Sunday, friends!

-Gaga-for-Abbie Sarah

© by scj

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