Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A list: (and hi, I missed you!)

It's been a full couple of weeks here in the land of year-round avocados — a fullness that has made it hard to blog. So now I gots lots tah tell ya. I've organized the contents of the last few weeks into a list, because if there's one thing that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it's a nice, compact list.

1. Two weeks ago I moved out of my place and into my aunt and uncle's house so my ceiling could be reinforced. I loved my time with my family, and their house was a lovely place to finish my grading.

I graded in their backyard.

I graded at the park down the street:
I love grading under a big ol' tree

I graded at the nearby beach:

And finally, I finished:


2. My ceiling is fixed. Well, that's the word on the street anyway. I can't actually see any of the reinforcements which makes me a little nervous, especially since I was told I would be able to see them.... Only time will tell if it is indeed strong enough to hold the car above me.

3. My computer is fixed, and although I'm delighted to have it back so I can blog regularly again, I'm sad to say I lost four months of data as a result of the hard drive crash. *enter deep and mournful groan.*

4. My car broke down a few days ago. Again. This is becoming a monthly thing, and still, we can't figure out WHY because, although my car didn't start for days, it started immediately and without hiccup as soon as the tow truck driver dropped it off at the mechanic's. You may recall that this is exactly what happened when my car broke down last month... So now, one more tow later, we're back to where we started. Hehe. See what I did there?

5. Also, someone backed into my car about a week ago and left a nice-sized dent. I am laughing as I write this. Seeing it in writing suddenly makes it so funny.

6. After finally conquering the sore throat that would not be conquered, I caught another bug. So I've been lying in bed this week drinking buckets of water and dreaming of tea parties in blossom trees.

7. It's been a banner month, kids.

8. If it weren't for my wonderful stay with my aunt and uncle two weeks ago, I'd likely be in the fetal position as a result of all these mishaps. My aunt and uncle are so generous and hospitable and I love being with them. They also live in a beautiful area that refreshes my soul and body.

The beach that is down the street from my aunt and uncle's house

I love walking in my aunt and uncle's neighborhood. There's so much stunning flora

9. While at my aunt and uncle's I discovered a brand of chocolate ice cream that doesn't interfere with any of my allergy-dictated dietary restrictions. Prior to discovering this icy treat, it'd been four years since I'd had chocolate ice cream, and I'd forgotten what heaven tasted like. I'd also forgotten how to eat chocolate ice cream. Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't eat chocolate ice cream without getting it all over your face? At some point, years and years ago, you had to learn to how to eat chocolate ice cream without getting it all over your face.

It turns out you can un-learn that skill after four years of not eating chocolate ice cream. Re-learning this skill is my new summer goal. . .

10. Now that my car is working, my ceiling is [hopefully] fixed, my computer is up and running, my body is feeling better, and I've discovered Sarah-friendly chocolate ice cream, it finally feels like summer. Woo hoooooo!

What ever shall we do with all these sunny days stretching ahead of us?!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Chocolate ice cream photo credit:

© by scj

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