Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pearls in May, #7: Memorial Day Festivities

The events of the last month have felt a bit like a stampede of elephants trampling my sense of well-being. Whenever elephant stampedes invade my life, I have to work twice as hard to notice the good gifts that pervade every difficulty. So this month, in an attempt to work my gratitude muscles, I'm collecting and posting a gift a day. Soon, I will have a written series of little gifts strung together like a strand of pearls!

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This is my grandpa:

He was in the U.S. navy during World War II, back before he and my grandma had a passel of toe-headed little rascals. I'm thankful for him and the millions of other men and women who have offered their service, courage, and lives to protect our freedom. I know it's because of their sacrifice that I can write, teach, speak, grocery shop and go on evening walks without inhibition or restriction. What a gift we've been given — a gift we were able to take time to remember yesterday, on Memorial Day.

Yesterday was a lovely Memorial Day, full of pearls. A friend, whose birthday was on Memorial Day, threw a pool birthday party complete with hamburgers on the grill, six variations of potato chips, floaties and foam noodles, and piles of friends. It was a fun affair — such tremendous fun that it's my pearl for today. And boy is it a big, fat pearl (I suppose it's really a string of little pearls....).

Pool parties are a great time to do things you don't usually do, like have smash ball tournaments in inner tubes; and throw a tooth pick in the water and see who can dive in to grab it first; and dress up in your very best Audrey Hepburn-esque pool party attire:

It was a busy, active, and music-filled day. I can't remember that last time I've attended such a fun pool party. We sang, danced, and thrashed around in the water till our hearts' content.

All too soon, the sun began to sink and shadows crept across the pool, so we shimmied onto the sunny side of the pool deck to soak up some rays and have a good chat.

 This group of young people really is unique. We can splash and play and rough house, and we can have long, meaningful conversations with each other. They make life so much better.
How have I managed to find 50 of Orange County's finest Christian singles?

Here I am with my dear friend Tiffany and our friend, Alex. 

You may recognize Tiffany. She's one of my most favorite people in the whole world. We've just met, Alex, and so far we've concluded he's pretty great. He has a baby goldendoodle that would get you using baby talk faster than you can say, "Wook at the sweet wittle boo boo face!" We'll keep Alex and Boo Boo Face around. Also, I should probably tell you that Boo Boo Face is actually named Buddy. If my name were Buddy I'd want you to know, mostly so you could lapse into quoting Elf till your little heart's content.

"Why the long face, Buddy?"

"Hey Buddy, want to pick some snowberries?"

"Byyyyyyye Buuddy!" 

By the end of the day everyone was tired and happy from all the active festivities. Although I take that back: the boys didn't seem too tired. They still had all sorts of energy that they used to do things boys do.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I can tell you it's 100% boy, whatever it is.

Oops! That's all the pictures I took. I must've been having too much fun. Boy, I was glad to have a healthy body to enjoy such a warm and playful community.

I hope your Memorial Day was restful, my friends. And if you've lost someone as a result of war, or if you've served our nation, then thank you for your sacrifice. I feels trite to say it here. Words can be so reductionist. But thank you, truly, so very much; and I hope you were able to spend peaceful, restorative time with family yesterday.

Happy freedom-filled Tuesday, kids.


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