Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Medley of Moments

This week is off to a great start. I think this is because Monday started with second breakfast. After first breakfast, of course. It's always a good idea to model your eating patterns after hobbits. Also, it helps if first breakfast is dessert.

There is a law of the universe, and it is one of my favorites: any week that starts with first and second breakfast is bound to just get better.

And it did get better. The last two nights the sunset has dazzled. Wispy clouds settle over the ocean, looking like the opalescent inside of the abalone shells my dad used to find scuba diving. Just after the clock strikes 5:30 the sun sinks behind those abalone clouds, making them burn and glow. It is a magical way end to a day in which there are no emergencies or grievances. I love these quiet days.

When I woke up yesterday morning sun poured through my window. Eager to catch some rays, I skipped second breakfast, pulled on my favorite sundress and hat, lathered on the sunscreen, gathered my grading, and walked out the door. Only to come running back in the house from the cool. It was a chilling 70 degrees, folks.

What sort of weather wimp have I become?!

So I pulled on some sweatpants, fired up the furnace, and graded, and graded, and graded. I graded all day, taking breaks only to eat. And go outside. And watch the Ellen show. And call my mom. And clean the kitchen. And make fudge. And write. But you know what? I'm glad to have the freedom to spread out my grading like this. And boy does it spread. As far as the east is from the west...

I'm grading my heart out so I can spend some of the weekend with my pals. They're just the greatest friends a girl could ask for.

Here are some of them, in what may be my favorite selfie of all time:

Let me introduce you to some of my friends.

Here I am with my dear friend, Tiffany. She is kind, thoughtful, and loves to laugh. Her love of laughing will make you laugh. Which will make you love life. She's a blast to hang around.

Here Tiffany is looking photogenic while I sing a medley of the Lion King and Pocahontas theme songs. Standing on top of a large rock does wonders for my inner Disney Diva.

This is John drinking. He's a good man with strong arms.

Just look how easily he holds us in the palm of his hands.

Lucky guy, walking down the beach collecting girls instead of seashells.

This is Jeremy:

He's also a good man with strong arms, but he didn't carry girls this trip. He carried the camera and was our photographer extraordinaire. He caught fun bloopers, like this one.

Jeremy's also a surf chaplain who does good, faithful Kingdom work with surfers. You should pray for his ministry, if you think of it.

This sky:

If I had licked the horizon it would have tasted like honey. And then peaches and cream. Its flavors shifted as the sun set.

No beach trip is complete without jumping photos. It took us awhile to get them timed right. Actually, we never got them timed right. But it was loads of fun. Anything with these folks is.

And now, I must jump back into my work (see what I did there?!), if I am to play this weekend.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I hope your week has been wonderful — full of satisfying work and pockets of play and quiet rest.


P.S. This dog exists.

I think its primary purpose is soften wicked hearts, cheer drooping spirits, and generally remind people that there is still goodness in the world.

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  1. Not all that related to this post, but since you did mention eating fudge, I wanted to let you know I will be making your fudge recipe momentarily so that it will be ready to serve bright and early tomorrow morning to my children for BREAKFAST. Yep, a special treat for them to say, "Happy Love Day!" I will be using sunflower seeds for the nut butter, and I will most likely be sneaking in some chia seeds for the omega-3's, but other than that, I'll be following your recipe exactly. I can't wait to see my 12-yr old's face when I serve it to her. I might just win the coolest Mommy award for the day. My 3-yr old will exclaim in her very best speech, "Mommy, I have chock-chit for beckfist. I luv chock-chit!" Ahhh... life's simple pleasures. ~Sharon

    1. Dessert for breakfast! My favorite! Now you must follow it with second breakfast. ;) This is a wonderful, marvelous Valentine's idea! Coolest mommy aware, indeed. I like your alterations. I'll have to try them.

      I've made fudge today (again), too. I've plans to bring it to a formal dinner my friends are having tonight. It's a good day for fudge. ;)