Monday, February 17, 2014

A scientific, factual law of the universe

Dear Friends,

There is a scientific, factual law of the universe that goes something like this: If a flood in your apartment forces you out of the apartment for nine nights, then you will probably get sick the day you have to move back in and reorganize everything; and once the virus runs its week-long course, two days after you feel better and finally get everything in your house reorganized, your car will stop working.

This is a fact of the universe that my life has corroborated. Yesterday, in fact. Although it all started last week, when I thought to myself,

You know, I've had three whole days of peace and quiet; something will almost certainly happen to upset things soon. My car will probably die. 

Now, my car has not given me any problems ever, and it's not done anything strange this week, so I had no reason to believe my car would stop working. Except that I am familiar with the aforementioned law of the universe.

So it was no surprise when I hopped in my car with hopes of going grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and it didn't start. What was surprising was that this inconvenience did not feel like a bucket of sand dumped on my head whilst I tried to claw my way out of the quicksand pit of the last 3.5 years, like it usually does.

Instead, a tiny tribe of butterflies in my gut began to flutter and murmur something about how I really need to get to work tomorrow because I have important stuff to do with my students, and my! but this is inconvenient. But if you ask me, tiny tribes of murmuring butterflies are a normal response to inconveniences. Very normal, indeed.

And normal I can do. Normal is what I've been working and hoping for these last 3.5 years. Normal is extraordinarily wonderful.

Also, my friends are extraordinarily wonderful. Most of them live pretty far from me in south county, but one of them, John (you met him here), lives close. His friendship is recent, and I cannot describe how wonderful it feels to have a nearby friend I can call when my car dies.

So John came to my rescue yesterday. He met me and the tow truck driver at the mechanic, and then took me to the grocery store so I could get food for the week. Today he took me to and from work, since I couldn't get a rental car last night. God has cared for my needs through John, and I am so very thankful. I'm also thankful for the tow truck driver I had, Jimmy. He was a kind, engaging and hard-working Christian who made me feel so safe and cared for. I felt like God hand-picked him just for me

So that's what's happening over here, folks. Large provisions, medium inconveniences and a small tub of ice cream to compliment season 1 of White Collar this evening. It's looking to be a good night.

Please pass the chocolate syrup!

Happy Monday night, friends. I hope yours is full of ice cream, too.



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  1. In my own opinion, whatever happens in our lives is just a consequence of what we did beforehand. The results that we yield is based on every decision we make. It's the same thing with a car, it doesn’t stop because you don’t ride it often; It stopped because you might have forgotten to check the engine, or changed the oil, and the like.

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