Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pearls in May, #2: Kev

The events of the last month have felt a bit like a stampede of elephants trampling my sense of well-being. Whenever elephant stampedes invade my life, I have to work twice as hard to notice the good gifts that pervade every difficulty. So this month, in an attempt to work my gratitude muscles, I'm collecting and posting a gift a day. Soon, I will have a written series of little gifts strung together like a strand of pearls!

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Yesterday I had to back out of plans with friends because of my sore throat, so they stopped by my house to say hello before they went out for the night. Upon walking in the door, my friend Kevin asked if he could use my bathroom. "Sure!" I answered. "Just be aware that the toilet seat won't stay up without help, and the bathroom needs to be cleaned, and the toilet paper dispenser broke last week..."

Minutes later, after using the bathroom, Kevin was armed with tools and determination to fix my toilet paper dispenser. Minutes after that he was out on my deck brushing away cobwebs and sweeping up leaves.

Please try not to feel too bad for the dying plant in the lefthand corner of this picture. The heat wave killed it, as did the general lack of sun my deck gets due to all the lovely trees.

As Kevin cleaned, I leaned back in my chair and turned to my friend Tiffany, "I like having a man around!" She laughed and agreed that our Kev is pretty terrific. Because truth is, not every man would walk into a house and get to work fixing and cleaning of his own initiative. But Kevin does, and I'm thankful for him.

And I'm loving my rehabilitated toilet paper dispenser.

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  1. Poor Kev, he hasn't taken the class on "The Physics of Rolling Things- How to Hang Your TP to Achieve Maximum Pull and Tear Efficiency." No wonder he isn't married.

    1. Ha! This must be the reason I'm single too, then... ;) I must admit I have never been able to understand the reasoning behind hanging the tp any other way. Perhaps I should enroll in "TP physics 101."