Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pearls in May, #6: Letters

The events of the last month have felt a bit like a stampede of elephants trampling my sense of well-being. Whenever elephant stampedes invade my life, I have to work twice as hard to notice the good gifts that pervade every difficulty. So this month, in an attempt to work my gratitude muscles, I'm collecting and posting a gift a day. Soon, I will have a written series of little gifts strung together like a strand of pearls!

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There is a woman up in Washington who has watched me grow since I was one year old.  Her name is Mrs. T. I haven't seen Mrs. T. more than once a year in the last decade, but still she prays for me every day. She also writes me letters, sometimes daily, and sends occasional packages. Last week she mailed me a book. A few weeks before that, an earring holder. A few weeks before that, another book.

I used to forget to check my mail. All those bills, bills, bills. Who needs 'em! But since Mrs. T. started writing me regularly last winter, I can't wait until the mailman comes. I love my trips to the mailbox. I love rifling through bills to find a letter addressed to me by hand, with a return address from Washington. I love tearing it open to find a newsy update on happenings in my hometown. I love the reminders that God is putting it on someone's heart, 1,000 miles away, to pray for me.

It's been years and years since I've had a pen pal

These letters are always bearers of grace, and I'm so so thankful for them. 

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