Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pearls in May, #4: T-Rex Trying

The events of the last month have felt a bit like a stampede of elephants trampling my sense of well-being. Whenever elephant stampedes invade my life, I have to work twice as hard to notice the good gifts that pervade every difficulty. So this month, in an attempt to work my gratitude muscles, I'm collecting and posting a gift a day. Soon, I will have a written series of little gifts strung together like a strand of pearls!

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A number of you have sent me messages telling you that you're praying for me this week. Thank you.

I woke up this morning, still sick, wondering how I'd make it through the rigors of work and the hassles of moving out temporarily while my ceiling is taken apart. Anytime my body feels weak like it has the last few weeks, my spirits sag low. Sometimes really low. During these lower lows, I usually want to curl up into a ball and sleep until it's all over, but I can't. So instead I weep and gnash my teeth. And then I decide to try to look for the adventure in all this, and I begin to flex my gratitude muscles. And then I have another meltdown. And then I look for the good all over again. It's quite a cycle, and I'm glad for your prayers in the midst of it.

Today's pearls are numerous, as always, and I can't seem to limit them to just one.
So here are a few:

1. Yesterday, within the period of an hour, four of my guy friends offered to help me move furniture, should I need to before the ceiling is taken apart. I love my guys. They are just so thoughtful and gracious.

2. My neighbor, B, brought me a book on tape and a big ol' chunk of the juiciest, sweetest watermelon this week, just because.

3. Warmed vanilla coconut milk with honey and cinnamon. It is wonderfully comforting.

4. Michael Scott. He is so funny in those early years of the Office. An entertaining sick companion.

5. T-Rex. I have a book of his antics on my coffee table. They are simply delightful.

It's Tuesday morning. Tuesday mornings are sleepy mornings. So go google "T-Rex Trying." The results you'll find under "images" will make your morning more lively!

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