Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The teenagers in my life are so hip. They use words like "lit" — as in "that song is lit" — and they totally don't say, "on fleek" anymore— as in "your dance moves are on fleek"— because that's so last year. I was just beginning to grasp what "on fleek" means when it went out of style, and it doesn't even matter that I one hundred percent understand how to use the word "lit" while it's current, because I am too old and un-hip to get away with it.

I've been blaming lots of things on my oldness these days. Last week I was grading essays in my bedroom when I heard an alarm go off. It sounded like it was on the other side of the wall my room shares with the neighbors' condo, so I assumed it was their alarm clock. When the alarm continued to beep for several minutes, I wondered if I should let the neighbors know.

And then I went downstairs to get some water and realized my oven timer's alarm was going off because I'd set it when I put pecans in the oven to bake 15 minutes earlier.

Don't mind me, neighbors. Apparently turning 32 inaugurates a whole new set of memory problems. I can't even begin to wonder what 80 will feel like.

Old person brain is the reason I accidentally wore my shirt inside out on Sunday, and it's the reason I decided to print my boarding pass for my flight back to L.A. a few days ago. "Why don't you just download the JetBlue app and pull up your boarding pass on your phone instead?" my mom asked.


Somehow, my mom's case of old person brain is less severe than mine.

And that's why I am so proud to say that I finally created a Facebook page for my blog AND I added social media icons to my blog's right margin so you can connect with me on social media. I found, linked, and embedded those icons all by myself, you guys. My technology game is totally on fleek this week.

Over the last couple of years, my readership has grown to the point that I don't know a lot of you. Some of you have emailed me to introduce yourselves, and I love that. Connecting with you is my favorite thing about blogging. So, would you connect with me on Facebook? Just click HERE, or click on the Facebook icon in the right margin, and you'll be directed to my new page.

And keep those emails (and Facebook messages!) coming. Seeing your face on Facebook is lovely, and hearing your stories is even lovelier.

 Hopeful, grace-filled Wednesday, my friends. I hope your day is totally lit.

Cheering for you, Home Skillets.


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