Monday, October 31, 2016

Shower Caps

Shower caps are so overrated. That's what I discovered ten years ago when I wrapped up my track career.

During my years of college track, I trained for hours everyday in the hot sun, and my hair needed daily washing. But when those long, sweaty workouts ceased, the hair-washing skies parted and glorious light shone forth: I could wash my hair every other day — or maybe every two days. Think of the time and effort I could save! And then I inched toward middle age and decided that a hair-wash every 3-4 days was acceptable because DRY SHAMPOO.

What a luxury.

But here is the thing about shower caps: the free shower caps hotels give you are big enough to cover your bangs, if you have them, but if you have a pony tail: good luck keeping that baby dry with such an itty bitty piece of plastic. I suppose you could run to Target and buy a shower cap big enough to cover your ponytail, but that seems like a waste because GROCERY BAGS.

What I am about to tell you may change your life.

When it is shower time, grab the nearest plastic grocery bag and slip it over your hair, with the handles down near the nape of your neck. Tie the handles into a nice, firm knot, and voila! You are ready to shower.

Folks, this trick will save you money — at least $3 (go buy yourself a latte!) — and time, and it will save you if you're in a bind. For example, if you have traveled to your college roommate's hometown for her wedding, and you do not want to wash your hair before the rehearsal dinner because you intend to wash it the next morning before the wedding, all you gotta do is borrow a grocery bag from your roommate's mom.

My college roommate's dad surreptitiously took this photo because, well, because I was standing in the hall talking to his family with a plastic bag on my head.

College roommate, Rach and I

It's easy as 1-2-3.

Happy Monday, folks.


P.S. I don't buy dry shampoo either. Noooo waaay, Jose; I save myself a dollar (and exposure to the additives in dry shampoo) and use a family trick. Click here for all the deets.

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