Thursday, July 11, 2013


I'm up at my folks' house this week for a quick visit. 

There's no place quite like the Pacific Northwest in the summer.

The mountainous horizons lined with evergreens:

The homegrown blueberries (and Oregon Ducks):

The tree frogs:

The socks with sandals:

The little brother who never ceases to make me laugh until my sides hurt:

In this picture I am trying to feed Marc a blueberry. I thought it would be a fantastic photo op.

He, however, did not.

Notice the look of humored incredulity on his face.

Oh Sister, for how long shall I have to put up with you shoving blueberries in my mouth during photo ops?

But if you look closely — I mean really closely— you can see Marc's more subtle look of delight.

Oh Sister, how glad I am to have you at my side as you help me truly relish this evening. Summer has been empty and meaningless until this moment, here with you. 

He secretly loves my photo ops.

Do you see it?

It's a good thing I'm so good at uncovering my family members' deepest, truest feelings by interpreting their body language.

Take for instance this photo I took of my other brother while FaceTiming this week:

At first glance, it might appear as if he is thinking,

I will conquer the world in my sick sunglasses and slick suit.

That, or,

Where did I park my car?

But trust me when I tell you he is actually thinking,

The only way my life would be cooler right now is if my sister were walking under this expansive, Canadian sky with me.

Body language interpretation is one my most advantageous skills. It adds a lot of value to my life.

Also, if you could pretend you didn't see the picture of me looking fairly comatose in the upper righthand corner of my FaceTime photo, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you kindly.

Anyway, there are loads of other reasons I'm glad to be up here this week.

But one of the best reasons is this lady's also in town:

February, 2013
Grandma's in the house!

Holla, holla, hoooooooolla!

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