Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday Things, on a Friday: "F-l-a-b"

1. Some friends and I went to the Orange County Fair on Wednesday to celebrate my dear friend's birthday.

I haven't been to the fair in years. I've either been A) way too busy to do anything social-ish, or B) way too sick. Now that I'm recovering from busyness and illness, I get to enjoy a rather thriving social life. It turns out social lives are Who knew.

Unfortunately, the wrinkles that are slowly forming around my eyes and across my forehead have been accompanied by a tendency to get queasy on any ride that spins quickly. It's a shame, because I've always loved quickly-spinning rides.

So I stuck to non-quickly-spinning rides like the ferris wheel and this amazeballs slide.

2. Whilst at the fair we determined that, should I ever cut bangs, it will look A) decent:

or, B) awful:

Given my odds, I don't think I will be cutting bangs anytime soon.

3. I am hoping my white raccoon eyes in the above pictures are a trick of the light. If not, then I may want to consider removing my grapefruit-sized sunglass lenses when I lay out...

4. I've been home since Monday, and I haven't had a deep belly laugh since then. That's because little brother is up in Washington, while I'm down here. And boy, that kid makes me laugh till I cry. Every.single.time. we're together.

5. In one of the college English classes I teach I get to teach my students to identify logical fallacies. I think I will use Macklemore's "Same Love" to do this.

6. Fair music makes for good dance-walking music. And dancing-walking at the fair makes for cool pictures.

Photo credit: My dear friend Tammy.

7. I just remembered I had a dream last night that I was dating Ben Aaron, the dance-walking king
(Click on the link in #6 to check out Ben's dance-walking video).

8. I recently started a tutoring business, which means I get to spent time with students in K-12th grade these days. Yesterday I was working on reading with one of my 2nd grade students.

We were playing a spelling card game, and I noticed he had the letters to form the word f-l-a-b.

I knew he wasn't familiar with the word, so I helped him out.

"You can spell the word 'flab' with your cards," I said.

He sounded it out and correctly formed the word.

"Flab is the loose skin and fat on our bodies," I explained.

His eyes lit up. "Oh!" he said. "My mom has LOTS of that!"

Just one of a thousand reasons I love working with kids, folks.

Happy Friday, y'all! I hope your weekend is just grand.


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  1. Your posts are routinely a "blast from the past" for me. My sister and I use to try to imagine what we would look like with different hair styles, too. We used to do the "bang thing" with our hair as well. We also used to tuck our long hair into our shirts and pull it out a little to simulate a bob haircut. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, complete with warm fuzzies and gut giggles. ~Sharon

    1. My sister and I used to simulate the bob haircut too! I remember being especially impressed with a computer program that took your pictures and gave it several different hair do's so you could see how you might look with different colors and styles. Such fun!