Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Yesterday I woke up quite dizzy, or, as a Siri put it when I texted a response to a friend who'd asked how I was feeling, "fizzy."

I have been drinking a lot of fizzy water with lime lately. It makes drinking water so tropical. So unexpected. So celebratory. So fun.

Water "con gas," as the Italians like to call it, feels like a party in the mouth. Incidentally, water "con gas" does not sound like a party in the mouth. It sounds more like a party in the...well, you know what I mean.

Sorry, I had to. Blame it on the dizziness.

Siri's mis-type got me wondering: is the source of all this dizziness actually fizziness? Is it possible to overdo it on water con gas? Do all of the bubbles gather and rise like a fizzing bomb that explodes once it reaches the inner ears?

It's a question for the ages. Or my doctor. Or you guys and gals.

What do you do for vertigo? Of the myriad health problems I've had over the years, vertigo is not one of them. I don't know what to do, and it's proven to be pretty incapacitating — it's made it impossible to drive, work or do anything else that requires remaining upright for more than a second, like preparing food.

For example, last night, while talking to my brother on the phone, I got up to get food from the kitchen and promptly veered into my dresser instead.

"Ugh, this feels so yucky. I'm tired of it," I complained.

"Don't get up!" my brother responded.

"But I need to eat some vegetables; I've eaten little besides chips and ice cream today."

"Woooah, Saaarah!"

"They're the only foods I have that don't require prep; I can eat them in bed," I defended myself.

"Sarah, perhaps you misread my tone; that wasn't a tone of disapproval, it was one of great admiration!"

Little brothers are "the beeest" (*insert hispanic accent* and name that movie).

Coconut ice cream and plantain chips are also the best. Especially with a side of water con gas. Unless. Wait. Could too much ice cream and chips cause dizziness?




P.S. I feel like one of those flies that has been disoriented by the fly contraption that sends out dizzying signals to discombobulate insects so they can be more easily killed (or captured and released outside), and is flying in circles and crashing into walls and windows.

Do those contraptions exist? Or did I just make them up? I cannot seem to find said fly contraption via google. Help again!

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  1. How is your iron level? Ear infection? Are you dizzy all the time, or just when rising from sitting or laying down--orthostatic hypotension? Just thinking out loud. I hope you are able to figure this out soon! ~Sharon

    1. Good questions, Sharon! They're getting me thinking.. I'm not sure about my iron levels. They're typically a little low. I don't think I have ear or sinus infections, since I have no pain, congestion or pressure. I'm not nearly as dizzy today, but when I was dizziest I felt dizzy while upright, or while lying on my left side. Oddly, I wasn't as dizzy lying on my right side or my back. I'm hoping this is a passing phase, and that all the dizziness will be gone by the weekend!

  2. Alas, I can't help you with vertigo. But I'll quote Nacho Libre with you any day. (I'm not sure how useful that makes me, but laughter is healing . . . right?)

    1. It is the best vertigo medicine, Julianna! Nacho Libre has made a number of ailments and generally hard days more joyous, that's for sure. I'm glad to have a fellow quoter. ;)