Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love is...

I had my first church solo when I was in fourth grade. I never had another solo after that. It's not that I have bad pitch, in fact my ear is pretty decent. I just don't have what you would call a pure, sonorous vocal quality. One might use the word "croak" to describe my singing voice.

Naturally, I have tried to spare friends or acquaintances any exposure to my "singing". With the exception of my third grade students, that is.

We sing together almost daily in my classroom.  Sometimes I teach them new songs, and sometimes they teach me more "hip" versions of songs we already know.

Not long ago, I was leading my class in the first verse of, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus". Feeling comfortable that their angelic little voices were drowning out mine, I sang with confidence. As I sang, I noticed Emma in the front row, singing sweetly, her brown eyes shining with admiration as she held up this little blue sticky note.  

When my other students found out what Emma's note said, they echoed her sentiment, thus reinforcing my conclusion that love is not blind.     It is deaf.  


  1. So the croak is genetic. Uncle Mick & I had a good laugh -- sweet kids you have, and sweet sense of humor.

  2. Sarah, would that church solo have been in Angels Aware? Because I still think of you every Christmas, when I put an angel ornament on our tree that you made me that year in Sunshine Players. Teddy and I also still drink out of our engraved cups. If I remember correctly, you were chosen as Michael/narrator because of your sweet voice...and I love this blog entry. Very sweet.

  3. Oh Sarah, You make me laugh! I enjoy your blog so much!

  4. I agree with the kid in the front row... American Idol, Baby!!

    rach =)