Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quotes from the Little People

I've decided to try to write down the funny things my third grade students say each week.  Here is this week's fruit:

After reviewing the definition of the vocabulary word, "Blacksmith"

Miss Jackson: "You know what?  My grandpa was a blacksmith!"

Michael: [dreamily] "Did he live in a castle?"

While searching for Psalm 139 during our Bible lesson:

Paul: "Is it in first or second Psalms?"

While trying to keep the kids calm after a giant wasp flew into our classroom:

Michael: "DON'T WORRY YOU GUYS!  My dad says we're bigger than the bugs."

While looking up the world's biggest hamburger with three of my kiddos:

Miss Jackson:  "Whoa!  That thing weighs as much as I do!"

Emily: [Surprised and obviously impressed] "Wow Miss Jackson!  For a grown woman, you're doing pretty good!"  

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