Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tell Me What You Think, Thoughtful Reader

1. What is beauty?

2. Is beauty always in the eye of the beholder?

Please chime in with your ideas...!


  1. Thank you Greg/Mike. This depth of insight is exactly what I was looking for. ;)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I think that beauty (like love, justice, or holiness) is something that finds its definition in God's nature, and is therefore not subjective. However, since we as humans are all different and all finite, certain aspects of beauty may be lost on us, and certain aspects may resonate with some more than with others.

  3. Thanks for your ideas Murray. I agree that beauty is objective because it is defined in God's character. I'm curious, do you think that something is aesthetically beautiful because it encompasses love, justice, holiness or order?

  4. Sarah,

    What is beauty? When we see something (we think) beautiful it is God whispering, tugging, or sometimes shouting at us...that he loves us so much and He wanted us to be hear today to see this! He knew we would be there and in awe of what He made for us at that moment! When we think something is truly beautiful it is God touching our hearts with His love.